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In contrast, the median annual US salary for computer and information technology roles is $97,430 [2]. Under each job category, we found up to three of the most common job titles that require no experience. The salaries you see are an average of those job title salaries pulled from Glassdoor. Event planning is the process of coordinating a conference, trade show, meeting, business trip, team building activity, or more.

Sixty-one percent of data entry specialists in the US have a degree in information technology or a related field [18]. Many employers cite a high school diploma, GED, and similar work experience as valuable credentials for employment. As of June 2023, over 6,600 data entry specialist positions are listed on Glassdoor. Only 38 percent of data entry specialists in the US have a degree in information technology or a related tech field [15]. Instead, many employers cite a high school diploma, GED, and similar work experience as valuable credentials for employment.

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“Written and verbal communication, independent worker, organized and productive, great time and task manager, and having a growth mindset are all valuable traits in a remote worker,” says Reynolds. Remote jobs might be getting harder to find, but the hybrid job market is thriving. I have worked from home for a decade and ran a fully remote, four-day work week company for eight years. Just so you know, Buildremote may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page to help keep this site running. Customer service representatives help customers get the most out of the company’s service or product by providing phone, chat, and email support. Data entry is the process of moving information from one place to another or updating information as it changes.

Transcription is the process of turning an audio recording into written format. A transcriptionist is typically a person with high attention to detail and fast and accurate typing skills. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Research Analyst is $44,452. Click the link in the email we sent to to verify your email address and activate your job alert. Workato is a computer software company that has developed an enterprise automation platform with easy-to-use automation and integrations. Working to power the world’s automotive marketplaces through technology, OPENLANE helps automakers, financial institutions, dealer groups, and fleet operations buy, sell, and trade used vehicles.

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And as more companies eye a full-time return to office, jobseekers are turning their attention to roles that promise at least some degree of flexibility. Enhancing your resume is one of the most critical steps when applying for an entry-level role. Keep in mind that employers often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to process candidates quickly. Your resume is more likely to be seen if your chosen language matches the keywords employers use to describe particular skills.

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In recent years, several tech industry leaders announced their decision to drop bachelor’s degree requirements. Only 29 percent of its information technology (IT) job postings include degree requirements [1]. This creates additional opportunities for those without degrees or those with degrees in unrelated fields. The article below explores opportunities you can use to enter the tech industry—regardless of your professional and educational background. Here’s the problem – most jobs you’ve come across require 2-5 years of experience or even experience working from home.

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So you’ve finally honed your search to look for entry-level remote jobs and ones that require no experience. As of June 2023, over 2,200 technical writer positions are listed on Glassdoor. Just 63 percent of technical writers have a degree in English, communications, or a related field [6]. Many employers value companies hiring remote workers entry level technical writers who possess computer and information technology expertise. As a technical writer, you can also build a portfolio of your best work that can effectively demonstrate your abilities to potential employers. As of June 2023, nearly 1,000 IT support technician positions are listed on Glassdoor.

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