Startup essentials: the 8 best startup tools +2 nice-to-haves

If you aren’t sure that you’ll need all of the services ADP has to offer, however, you can also choose the ones you need and leave the rest so that you aren’t paying for any services you don’t need. Shapr takes the concept of a networking app and expands it to include a litany of business communication resources. On Shapr, entrepreneurs can network with other business owners, find potential employees, raise funds, and find impactful mentors all on one easy-to-use platform.

For email messaging, Gmail is the software commonly used by startups. Similarly, founders need to equip themselves with essential tools for startups to navigate their way to success. They are mostly nothing fancy, but their efficiency is to boast for. Social media is a necessity for any business, but few people 20 best business tools for startups Software for startups have the time to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the day. Buffer lets you pre-write and schedule your posts, so you can continue to grow your social media following without taking tons of time out of your day. Zapier is a tool you can use to connect your apps and create automated workflows.

Early Startup Team & Interns Goldmine:

It comes with a receipt scanning feature that can extract crucial information from paper and digital receipts. The tool ensures the receipt is attached to the digital expense report and runs a real-time audit check before the employee submits it. This ensures no error or out-of-policy expenses get by and are curbed right from the start. The expense tool also helps finance teams automate tedious, manual credit card reconciliation processes by reconciling credit card transactions, expenses, and receipts with a tap.

20 best business tools for startups Software for startups

On Ranktracker, you can research keywords, analyze competitors, check and monitor backlinks, and track your search engine rankings. TrackDesk makes affiliate programs a breeze with its affiliate tracking platform. Determine what affiliates are performing best, which landing pages are performing well, and where ROI is performing best. The Brooks Group is a sales training company focused on bringing practical solutions to improve and maintain overall sales effectiveness.

RescueTime offers courses and tools to help you see exactly where your time goes and find solutions for tightening up. And while we think that tool is the best, here are some other popular productivity tools. Use Help Scout to level up team collaboration with a shared inbox, knowledge base, and more. Use Tableau to create data visualizations for sharing with your team or in content.

  • From designating a registered agent to actually filing Articles of Organization, these tools will get you officially registered.
  • All the tools are super easy to use and do not require any specialized training – the tools will assist you in managing critical tasks, yet the operations are quite complex.
  • The team is passionate about creating unique, accurate, and engaging content.
  • Using content marketing and SEO is one of the most efficient growth strategies there is for startups.
  • If you’re like most entrepreneurs, free or low cost startup tools to help you start, maintain, or grow your business sounds like music to your ears.
  • Crosscap has a suite of tools that focus on marketing performance, strategic planning, and execution adopting automation through machine learning and AI.

Ahrefs makes it easy to find relevant topics and keywords your ideal customers are searching for. You can also search any of your competitors and see what keywords they’re ranking for and their top pages in order to get an idea of topics that might also work well for you. When you can find out what topics and questions your target audience has and create content for it, you build an evergreen inbound marketing funnel that you can benefit from in perpetuity.

Best Expense Tracking Tool for Startups: Expensify

It monitors prospective thieves and fraudsters on the dark web to prevent the leaking and sale of its clients’ personal information. If suspicious activity related to the monitored data is detected, Spokeo will notify its client immediately. In addition, Spokeo provides identity theft resolution services of US-based consultants who can manage your paperwork, calls, and refund procedures 24/7.

20 best business tools for startups Software for startups

From marketing to funding, the following software and resources are sure to help you reach startup success and growth in 2023. Without a right tool, things can get very messy and your teammates may find it hard to keep track of what needs to be done and the progress. Nuclino is a modern, simple, and blazingly fast collaboration tool for startups. Inspired by the idea of a collective brain, it allows teams to bring all their work together in one place.