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Some are very thought provoking – some are just fun to read. But when you make it through some of those tests and your body starts feeling good again, you’ll be so proud of yourself and you’ll know that the early struggles were well worth it. I’m not trying to talk you out of living sober. I would rather be honest, that way you know what to expect and you won’t get disenchanted.

Sobriety starts to get better when you stop living exclusively in your painful past and start caring about a future that has potential. Whatever it is, if you keep working on your sobriety and believing that you have the power to change your life, you will do exactly that. But one day, you realize the clouds have lifted a little bit. For the first time, you notice just how much has changed. You’ll start to transform your identity into someone who shows up, does the hard work, and looks smoking hot in a swimsuit.

Getting sober sucks!

Not just spouses and partners, but with family members, friends, with your job and with people you work with. It may even impact where you work or what you do as a career field. Everyone around you will have to deal with and get accustomed to the new and evolving YOU.

Why don’t I want to be sober?

The fear of being sober is often about dealing with your loss of a coping mechanism for “real” life. You're afraid you don't have the tools and resources to help you to maintain your sobriety. You are afraid that being sober will simply be too hard.

We’re stuck in a miserable job and have lost hope that anything can change. We usually start drinking alcoholically because we are trying to hide from something. Many of these problems enter our lives because of our drinking. It is natural to think that by quitting drinking, these problems will finally go away. You can also reach out to those in the 12 step community. When things feel out of control or you feel that you’re at risk for relapse, go to a meeting.

John Mayer went sober after a six-day hangover.

See that they have friends and love and all the stuff you really want and they have it without alcohol. It was time to quit, I decided, but I just couldn’t do it cold turkey. One or two hits in the late afternoon seemed to be the best compromise; once I got used to that little bit, then I would try to quit altogether. Even after just a couple of hits, paranoia crept in and I became afraid of losing my mind. The end finally came not with a bang but with a whimper. Three weeks after the San Angelo trip I drove down to Reynosa to work on a story.

Then lethargy set in, and the juices stopped flowing. I was happy to have experienced a bit of the old feeling, but that’s all it had been—a bit of the old feeling. As I threw the last of the marijuana into the back yard, I knew that this was finally it—no matter what the temptation, it would have to be cold turkey from here on.

of the Best TED Talks About Alcoholism and Addiction

„I’ve been very lucky with the roles I’ve had to play. It’s been a real blessing. I hope I get to keep doing it.” It’s been nearly two years since the world lost the great Eddie Van Halen at the age of 65. In that time, a lot has happened but one thing remains the same — Ted Nugent will have something to say about it. Below are five of the main reasons that being sober definitely does not suck. For more proof, check out this page for an recovering addict’s account of how being sober is better. Yes, I no longer have the option of using a substance to escape my feelings or problems.

Drunk or not, you are still solely responsible for things that occur in your own personal life and relationships. Throughout history people have believed crazy things, but knowledge and information changed many of those beliefs. For thousands of years nobody considered or believed that the heart pumped blood, but now its common knowledge and seems only logical. Life itself (drunk or sober) can be complex because many conditions and occurrences overlap and are intertwined. When looked at individually, many of these conditions and occurrences can become uncomplicated elements. But each element is unique to every one of us.

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„Hurting myself and those around me who I loved the most. It got so bad that eventually I ended up in a hospital for mental health. I am now 7 1/2 years clean and sober.” After not drinking for a while, the body can’t process alcohol the same way, and the drinker’s tolerance lowers. This means that the tolerance the drinker being sober sucks used to have is much lower from not drinking. The additional issue with this decreased tolerance is that the drinker usually returns to drinking the same amount he or she used to before needing to stop. Alcohol floods the drinker’s system and is not tolerated the same way it used to be, intensifying the effects.

In an interview with GQ UK in 2012, Lana Del Rey opened up about her struggles with alcohol and drugs as a teen. „There was definitely a time when I was coming out of ‘Potter’ and I was into the real world, suddenly I was in a world where I’m not going to have that consistency anymore,” he said. „I was pretty inconsolable on the last day of ‘Potter.’ I was really worried. I was living alone, and I think I was really freaked out … I drank a lot, as has been recorded.” DJ and producer Calvin Harris told the BBC that he stopped drinking because it was affecting his work. „I have made many mistakes in my life, but each day is a chance to start again. Atone for mistakes and grow,” he continued.

Follow whatever philosophy or system that works for you, so long as you bring no harm upon anyone else. Just as it takes time to become an alcoholic it takes time to become comfortable as a sober person (again). While sobriety begins when you stop drinking, re-invention is evolutionary and requires time.

being sober sucks